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Accelerator Program in SAP HR Training

We suggest it is right time to make your career in SAP HR? If yes, then you need to have the right skills and knowledge to excel in this field. And that's where Cranesoft comes in - offering the best SAP HR training in Bangalore. With their comprehensive and industry-relevant curriculum, experienced trainers, and state-of-the-art facilities, Cranesoft provides the perfect learning environment for aspiring SAP HR professionals.



3 Months Duration

Live Class Facilities

Interviews Assured

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About Program

SAP HR (Human Resources) is a critical module of the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. It is used to manage various HR functions such as recruitment, employee data management, payroll, and performance management. SAP HR professionals are in high demand across various industries and can enjoy lucrative career opportunities. SAP HR training is essential to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to work with the SAP HR module effectively. The training program covers various aspects of SAP HR, including configuration, implementation, and customization of the module. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the best SAP HR training in Bangalore from Cranesoft. From the course curriculum to the benefits of enrolling in their program, we will cover it all. So, let's get started!

Key Highlights

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Cranesoft's SAP HR training program is designed to meet the current industry demands. The course curriculum is regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends and practices in the field.

Experienced Trainers:

The trainers at Cranesoft are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the SAP HR module. They provide personalized attention to each student and ensure that they understand the concepts thoroughly.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Cranesoft's training facilities are equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide a seamless learning experience to the students.

Placement Assistance:

Cranesoft has a dedicated placement cell that provides placement assistance to the students. They have tie-ups with various companies in the industry and help students secure job opportunities after completing the training program.

Live Course
  • Introduction to ERP
  • Overview of SAP
  • SAP-HCM Module at a glance
  • Organizational Structure (Simple Maintenance & Expert Mode)
  • Objects, Additional Object Types ,Task Description/Department/Staff
  • Plan Versions ,Org Management Infotypes
  • Account assignment features, Structure Maintenance
  • Configure Positions, Jobs, Cost Center Assignment, Reporting Relationships
  • Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure
  • Personnel Area, Personnel Sub Area, Employee Group, Employee Sub Group
  • Assignment of ES & PS
  • Personnel Action , Hiring , Employee Master Data
  • PA Infotypes Maintenance , Dynamic Actions
  • Recruitment Medium & Instruments, Applicant Master Data
  • Applicant Actions, Applicant Activity
  • Transfer Applicant Data to Employee Master Data
  • Report Generation, Recruitment Infotype Maintenance
  • Recording & Evaluating Time Data
  • Holiday Calendar , Break Schedules
  • Work Schedule Rule, Deduction Rule, Counting Rule
  • Time Info types Maintenance, Absence & Attendance Quotas
  • Overview of Payroll components, Payroll Period , Payroll Area , Control Record
  • Retroactive Accounting, Wage Types
  • Pay scale Group / Area / Level
  • Generation of Remuneration Statement
  • Overview of Personnel development
  • Career Planning & Succession Planning
  • Qualifications Requirements
  • Development Plans
  • Appraisal
  • Overview of T & E Management
  • Business Event Preparation
  • Business Event Catalogue Day to Day Activities
  • Recurring Activities
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Via Cranesoft, Professionals trained in SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) or SAP SuccessFactors, which is SAP's cloud-based HCM solution, have various career opportunities in the field of human resources and enterprise software. Here are some common career paths for SAP HR-trained professionals:

Via SAP HR Consultant, As an SAP HR consultant, you can work with organizations to implement, customize, and optimize SAP HR solutions based on their specific needs. This may involve configuring personnel administration, organizational management, and other HR modules.

Via SuccessFactors Consultant:,SuccessFactors is SAP's cloud-based HCM suite. Consultants with expertise in SuccessFactors can assist organizations in transitioning to and optimizing cloud-based HR solutions.

Via HR Systems Analyst:,Professionals may work as HR systems analysts, responsible for managing and enhancing HR systems, including SAP HCM or SuccessFactors. This role involves ensuring data accuracy, system efficiency, and addressing user needs.

Via HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) Manager:,HRIS managers oversee the implementation and maintenance of HR systems within an organization. Professionals with SAP HR skills can excel in this role by managing the integration of SAP HR modules.

Via Talent Management Specialist:,Organizations value professionals who can leverage SAP HR or SuccessFactors for talent management. This includes areas such as recruitment, performance management, and succession planning.

Via Employee Relations Specialist:,HR professionals with SAP HCM expertise may specialize in employee relations, handling issues related to employee engagement, communication, and conflict resolution.

Via HR Project Manager:,Project managers with SAP HR skills can lead HR technology implementation projects, ensuring successful deployment, managing timelines, and coordinating resources effectively.

Via HR Data Analyst:,Analyzing HR data is crucial for informed decision-making. HR data analysts with SAP HR skills can leverage data to provide insights into workforce trends, performance metrics, and HR-related KPIs.

Via Training and Development Specialist:,Professionals may focus on training and development, utilizing SAP HR to plan and implement employee training programs and skill development initiatives.

Via HR Compliance Specialist:,Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations is vital for organizations. HR compliance specialists with SAP HR knowledge can help implement and monitor compliance measures.

Via Global Mobility Manager:,With SAP HR skills, professionals may work in global mobility, managing international assignments, expatriate programs, and ensuring compliance with global HR regulations.

Via HR Technology Sales and Consulting:,Professionals can explore opportunities in sales and consulting, working for SAP or consulting firms to help clients understand and implement SAP HR solutions.