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Accelerator Program in SAP Hybris Training

SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris) is a suite of enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. It is a powerful solution that enables businesses to manage and optimize their customer experience across various channels, including online, mobile, social, and in-store. Cranesoft Solutions provides the best SAP Commerce Cloud training in Bangalore with 100% placement assistance. There is a great demand for SAP Commerce Cloud professionals in almost all the major MNCs, and it is the best time to learn and make your career in this field because of the opportunities and demand for the SAP Commerce Cloud professionals.



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3 Months Duration

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About Program

SAP Commerce Cloud Hybris is a suite of enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. It is a powerful solution that enables businesses to manage and optimize their customer experience across various channels, including online, mobile, social, and in-store. SAP Hybris has been rebranded as SAP Commerce Cloud. SAP Commerce Cloud is like a digital ally for businesses. It equips them with the tools needed to not only survive but thrive in the competitive online marketplace. As students, understanding this platform opens doors to exciting opportunities in the realm of digital commerce and technology. Cranesoft Solutions provides the best SAP Commerce Cloud course in Bangalore with 100% placement assistance.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Curriculum

A reputable training provider typically offers a well-structured curriculum covering various aspects of SAP Commerce Cloud. This might include modules on architecture, data modeling, integration, customization, and best practices.

Experienced Instructors

Effective training often involves experienced instructors who are knowledgeable about SAP Commerce Cloud. They should be able to convey complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner and provide real-world insights.

Hands-On Exercises

Practical, hands-on exercises and projects are crucial for reinforcing theoretical knowledge. A good training program may include labs, workshops, and projects that allow participants to apply what they've learned in a practical setting.

Real-World Scenarios

Practical scenarios and case studies based on real-world situations can enhance the learning experience. It helps participants understand how to apply SAP Commerce Cloud concepts in actual business scenarios.

Interactive Learning Environment

A training program that encourages interaction, discussions, and Q&A sessions can foster a more engaging learning environment. This allows participants to clarify doubts, share experiences, and learn from their peers.

Flexibility in Learning Options

The training may be offered in various formats, including in-person classroom sessions, virtual classrooms, or self-paced online courses. This flexibility can cater to different learning preferences and schedules.

Post-Training Support

Access to resources and support after the training is essential for ongoing learning. This may include access to forums, documentation, or additional training materials.

Updates with SAP Releases

Given that technology evolves, a good training program should be updated regularly to align with the latest releases and updates from SAP. This ensures that participants are learning the most current information.

Live Course
  • Overview of SAP Commerce Cloud and its evolution.
  • Understanding the role of SAP Commerce Cloud in the digital commerce landscape.
  • Key features and benefits.
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  • Architecture of SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • Core components and modules.
  • Database structure and data models.
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  • System requirements and prerequisites.
  • Installation process for SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • Configuration of essential settings.
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  • Understanding the data model in SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • Defining product catalogs, categories, and products.
  • Management of media and content.
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  • Introduction to Flexible Search queries for data retrieval.
  • Creating and executing Flexible Search queries.
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  • Overview of commerce services and their usage.
  • Integration of commerce services into applications.
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  • Understanding and customizing storefront accelerators.
  • Implementing B2B and B2C accelerators.
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  • Managing orders and workflows.
  • Configuring and customizing the order process
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  • Creating and managing promotions.
  • Configuring pricing strategies.
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  • Overview of APIs in SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • Integration with external systems and services.
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  • Navigation and usage of various cockpits.
  • Customizing and extending cockpits.
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  • Testing strategies and best practices.
  • Debugging techniques for SAP Commerce Cloud applications.
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  • Implementing security best practices.
  • Strategies for optimizing performance.
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  • Overview of extension concepts.
  • Building custom extensions.
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  • Deployment strategies and tools.
  • -
  • Monitoring and maintaining SAP Commerce Cloud applications.
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  • Industry best practices for implementing SAP Commerce Cloud.
  • Case studies and real-world scenarios.
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Via SAP Commerce Cloud Developer, Develop and customize e-commerce solutions using SAP Commerce Cloud.

Work on front-end and back-end development to create a seamless user experience.

Implement customizations, extensions, and integrations.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Consultant, Provide consulting services to businesses looking to implement or optimize their SAP Commerce Cloud solutions

Analyze client requirements, propose solutions, and guide implementation projects.

Via E-commerce Manager, Oversee the overall strategy and performance of an e-commerce platform

Use SAP Commerce Cloud to enhance the customer experience and drive online sales.

Via Digital Marketing Specialist, Leverage SAP Commerce Cloud's marketing capabilities to create and execute targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Analyze customer data to optimize marketing strategies.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Architect,Design and architect scalable and flexible solutions using SAP Commerce Cloud.

Work on system integration, data modeling, and overall solution architecture.

Via Business Analyst - E-commerce,Analyze business requirements and translate them into SAP Commerce Cloud configurations.

Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the platform meets business needs.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Project Manager,Lead and manage SAP Commerce Cloud implementation projects.

Coordinate activities between development teams, stakeholders, and other project

Via Customer Experience Manager,Focus on enhancing the overall customer experience across digital channels.

Leverage SAP Commerce Cloud to implement personalized customer journeys.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Trainer/Instructor,Share expertise by providing training to individuals and organizations on SAP Commerce Cloud.

Contribute to educational programs and help build a skilled workforce.

Via E-commerce Data Analyst,Analyze data generated by SAP Commerce Cloud to derive insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and website performance.

Use data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Support Specialist,Provide ongoing support and maintenance for SAP Commerce Cloud solutions.

Troubleshoot issues, apply updates, and ensure system stability.

Via Integration Specialist,Focus on integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with other enterprise systems.

Ensure seamless data flow and communication between different applications.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Administrator,Manage the day-to-day operations of SAP Commerce Cloud environments.

Monitor system performance, apply patches, and ensure system reliability.

Via SAP Commerce Cloud Sales Representative,Work for technology vendors or consulting firms, selling SAP Commerce Cloud solutions to businesses.

Understand client needs and propose tailored solutions. As the field of digital commerce continues to grow, professionals with expertise in SAP Commerce Cloud are in high demand. Depending on individual skills, interests, and career goals, there are diverse paths to explore within the realm of SAP Commerce Cloud and digital commerce more broadly.